a very complete politician/soccer player

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  1. supermarioutd Senior Member

    Hello to all

    What is a word to describe someone who possesses all the necessary attributes and characteristics to perform at a job?

    Example: As a soccer player he is.... . He can pass the ball, he can dribble, he can shoot, his header is strong and he is mentally powerful.
    What can be used in place of those dots?

    I know "triple threat" is used for Football players but I don't think that term can be used to describe a politician that is complete or a soccer player for that matter.

    Thank you in advance
  2. Copyright

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    As a soccer player, he can do everything.
    As a soccer player, he has it all.

    More sports-minded members can elaborate on those. :)
  3. supermarioutd Senior Member

    But I am looking for a specific term that can be used in different situations.

    He is a complete artist/politician/actor/soccer player.

    What is an idiomatic term that can be used in lieu of complete?
  4. Copyright

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    He is a consummate <whatever>.
  5. brofeelgood

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    (Highly) accomplished.
  6. Myridon

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  7. supermarioutd Senior Member

    Can I say this? "He is a well-rounded soccer player. He can shoot, he can pass, he can dribble, and he is strong mentally."
  8. supermarioutd Senior Member

    I found this:

    "The goals also underlined the steep improvement in Kane's game, which has seen the London-born forward evolve from being a goal poacher to a mature, well-rounded striker."

    Tottenham 5-3 Chelsea: 5 things we learnt

    What do you think well-rounded striker mean within that context?

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