a very old lady who admited to ninety

Alex Coseff

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I am in two minds about the word "admit" in the following context. Somehow I don' t think it means "she said she was ninety", I might be wrong, though.
Could you help anyone?:)
Thanks a lot.

G.M.Malliet: Wicked autumn
"There was his routine visit to Mrs. Dorman, a very old lady who admitted to ninety something and kept what she called ....."
  • e2efour

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    UK English
    When people use this phrase, they generally use it to give the idea that they are not as old as they are.
    So if she had admitted to being 91, say, she might well have been several years older.

    However, in this case it would be difficult, though not impossible, to believe that she was over one hundred. So I would assume that admitted just means said in this case.
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