a veteran <that><who>'s made a cool 1.4 mil


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Hello to all,

Thanks for reading my post.

Sample sentence:

In an hour, we're Live interviewing Franklin Cruz, a veteran <that><who>'s made a cool 1.4 mil in the last 4 months.


Are both "that" and "who" correct in the sample sentence?

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!

  • e2efour

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    I disagree. Webster's Dictionary of English Usage talks about "a dislike of that produced the apparently common, though unfounded notion that that may be used to refer only to things".

    An example of its use is "The atoms in a diamond . . . outnumber all the people that have ever lived or ever will (Richard Dawkins, A Devil's Chaplain)."

    That said, who is used more often for persons, especially in writing.
    In speech I doubt that this is so (e.g. the boy that I saw yesterday).
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