a visionary undertaking

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Hinata Sama

Senior Member
Hi, my friends

Former CDC Director Dr. Jeff Koplan calls Health Sciences Online (HSO) "a visionary undertaking" and the World Bank heralds it as "globally democratizing health science knowledge."


Can I take it that the "a visionary undertaking" here means something like "a master piece" but much stronger?
Is this phrase describing someting that's very difficult to accomplish that as if only can be done in dream?

  • SuK

    Senior Member
    English - USA
    A person who is a visionary is one who is able to imagine or foresee something before anyone else does. Visionaries are thus lauded for this ability.
    Calling this undertaking "visionary" is a very favorable and complimentary adjective. It implies that HSO is at the forefront of whatever field it is part of.
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