A voice of many waters


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Français (France)

Je suis confronté à une phrase qui m'échappe totalement :

When he replied, it was with a voice of many waters.

Quelqu'un aurait-il la gentillesse d'éclairer ma pauvre lanterne sur cet emploi de "water".

  • chapteryx

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    Well, it looks like a Biblical reference of sorts. In a few passages, the Christian Bible (and the Torah, it appears) uses the phrase "voice of many waters" to imply authority or credibility of the speaker, in their case, of a person channelling God's wisdom or commands.
    Perhaps the "voice" was indeed thunderous, as the sound of heavy waves or large waterfalls or a swollen river might imply.
    You might translate this with a literal version that matches the French translations in the Bible, or something more secular, as suits your context.
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