A <void><vacuum> left by/behind something

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What preposition would you use in this example?

A void/vacuum left by/behind/behind by something or someone.

By sounds the most neutral to me, but I wonder whether it doesn't imply that the vacuum/void has been created intentionally (which is not what I want to convey).

Thank you! :)
  • lingobingo

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    I think you’d have to use either “left behind by” or e.g. “left by the departure of”. Just “left by someone” doesn’t really explain it.

    You could also use “a void/vacuum created by…”.


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    You can say either 'a void left by' or 'left behind by'. Both have the possible implication of 'left intentionally', but in context this would not be understood. If some thing or some person was present and then departed, they leave a void (behind).


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    I would prefer to avoid "behind" here. When someone moves away and leaves a void behind, it sounds like it was their void and they forgot to take it with them.
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