a waiver on any conflicts

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Source: How Reports Of Trump Trying To Fire Mueller Could Affect The Russia Investigation

In fact, there was lots of reporting at the time that Trump was raging about the investigation and about Robert Mueller. The president seemed to think Robert Mueller had some conflicts that would have prevented him from doing a good job even though the Justice Department lawyers and ethics people there had looked at these issues and gave Mueller a waiver on any conflicts.
Hi everyone! I think "waiver" means "the giving up of a right, done deliberately, willingly, or on purpose", but I don't quite understand the way the definition works here. How should I understand the bold part?
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    The justice department examined the matter and either (1) waived their right to take issue with any conflicts (probably because they felt they weren't significant), or (2) declared that even if there were some, they didn't have a problem with them and wouldn't object (or waived their right to object) to them.
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