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    Dear all, Could you please help me out with a difficulty in the novel by Dennis Lehane 'Gone, Baby, Gone'?

    Cheese smiled broadly and shook his head, but his eyes remained wide and slightly unfocused. “You believe everything you hear on the street, you should-I dunno-become a motherfucking cop or something.” It was a weak-ass analogy and he knew it. So much of who Cheese was depended on everything coming out of his mouth smooth, fast, and funny, even the threats. And it was pretty obvious by his grasping speech that the possibility of Pharaoh being a cop had never occurred to him until now.

    I would surmise that 'a weak-ass analogy' means a lame, poor analogy (or comparison). Could you please give fine details of the meaning?
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    I've never come across "weak-ass" before, but it seems to be synonymous with the commonly encountered "lame-ass", meaning feeble. Males, particularly younger members of the lower social classes, generally feel the need to assert their masculinity by reinforcing their speech with a constant garnishing of gratuitous obscenities: hence motherfucking cop ​etc.
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    Thank you, DocPenfro, for your response. I am sorry I am so late with my reaction-- I have had no access to the web since starting this thread.
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    The term [adjective]-ass [noun] is a colloquial-ass way of saying very [adjective] [noun].
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    --Nothing new to add. Sorry.--
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    I see. Thank you, Thelb4 and Perpend!

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