A weasel in a potato sack

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Do you know if this an idiom? (I don't find it anywhere) Or the writer created it just for her book?
I am referring to "The tiger's wife" by Tea Obreht. Context:

When he saw me fall behind, my grandfather would stop, wipe his brow, and say: “What’s this, what’s this? I’m just an old man—come on, is your heart a sponge or a fist?”
And then I would speed up and pant all the way up the hill while he complained, with maddening relish, about how hoarse I sounded, about how he wouldn’t bring me with him anymore if I insisted on sounding like a weasel in a potato sack, if I was going to ruin his nice time outdoors.

Thank you in advance
  • PaulQ

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    I think that the writer created it just for her book - a weasel would not be happy in a potato sack and would complain a lot.
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