A ween that is still wearing its hat

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Pavel Pin

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Kate reads her diary to her sister, Muara:

KATE: "Last night at the party, I danced so hard my bra was soaking wet. "Jeff and I were flirting, and then he said, 'Let me show you something.'"So we went to my room, and guess what he showed me? "A ween that is still wearing its hat."

What is the meaning of "A ween that is still wearing its hat"?
Source: Sisters (2015)
  • autnagrag

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    américain, comme disent les français
    An erect uncircumcised penis perhaps?

    The context of going to his room, preceded by the mention of the wet bra, leads me to this supposition.


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    British English
    "A ween that is still wearing its hat."
    Given one aspect of American culture, I suspect this is an uncircumcised penis - a relatively uncommon sight in America compared with European countries. Currently about 58% in the USA (decreasing, historically much higher), less than 20% in western Europe, 2% in Sweden. The figure is affected in some countries by the size of the muslim and jewish populations.
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