a weird cross

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What does a weird cross mean?

Did he really think they were going to come down here and be polite? With something as potentially enormous as this on the line? The answer was no. They would take the land. They would gag him and Bobbi . . . but even that might not be enough to make them feel comfortable. Could be they’d wind up someplace like a weird cross between a Russian gulag and a posh Club Med resort. All the beads are free, and the only catch is, you never get out.

Source: The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

In this scene, Bobbi is questioning herself her friend's suggestion that she should call the Dallas Police and ad some them that there is an alien (UFO) spacecraft in her property.

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    Cross means a mix between a Russian gulag and a posh Club Med resort (I'm assuming you know what these things are)
    Weird signifies that these two things that are being mixed are simply, weird or unusual. They are not things you would usually mix together so it is a mixture of things that are weird, ie a weird cross.


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    I agree with the above of course. (Great to see two Australians there!) I just wanted to say if you know the term crossbreed or crossbreeding, that is exactly the meaning of 'cross' that is relevant.


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    The use of "cross" here refers to cross breeding of animals the outcome of which are progeny possessing traits from each of the parents. The suggestion is that mixing a Russian gulag and a Club Med would result in a very weird location.
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