a welcome addition to our team

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  • jbs_australia

    Australia, English
    I don't find that unusual at all... it is quite common to say such a thing (in the context that they are a great new member of a team).

    It is very common to say such a thing and it sits well in that context.



    Senior Member
    New Zealand - English
    Every time that someone joins our team at work, we always get an email saying "please welcome the latest addition to our team". The word addition is always used. I personally have no problems at all when referred to in this way :)


    Senior Member
    English, United States
    It sounds perfectly fine to me in AE as well. I understand your concern that the team will be treating the new person like an item (similar to a new computer or the like), but it is a very common phrase in English and means something along the lines of "Although Samuel is new to the team, you will find that he will help the team greatly in his area of expertise."
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