a whole briefcase brigade, along with pet doctors


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What does the bolded expression mean?

‘... There was a whole briefcase brigade at first, along with pet doctors just itching to declare the son of a bitch competent, but they went away discouraged once they saw him drooling and trying to pick up a spoon. Came back a few times just to double-check, fewer briefcase boys every time, but nothing lately. ’S’far’s they’re concerned, he’s a total gork. Badda-boop, badda-bang, over and out.’
Source: End of Watch by Stephen King

In this scene, nurse Norma from the Brain Trauma Centre is recounting to Hodges about the people who used to come to the trauma centre to check on Brady who was clobbered on his head as he was about to blow himself at a concert with a bomb vest.

It seems to me that 'briefcase brigade' refers to a large number of officials who carried briefcases when they visited the said clinic. But why pet doctors? This is not an animal clinic. I understand a pet doctor to be a vet.

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    English but my first language was German
    briefcase brigade = group of lawyers (lawyers carry briefcases)
    pet doctors = doctors who will give they opinion they are asked to give. Not a doctor for pets, but a doctor who acts like a pet.
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