"a wide range of" or "a variety range of" ?

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Hi all, which choice is the best?

Recently oil-rich countries launched a range of social infrastructure investment projects.
many, wide, some, variety

The answer is wide! I know "many" and "some" are not correct, but why can't I choose "varity"?
Is "a wide range of ~" a kind of idiomatic usage?

Thanks a lot!!:)
  • JamesM

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    "Wide" is an adjective. "Variety" is a noun. "Variety range" is not a common combination of nouns. "Wide variety" and "Wide range" are both idiomatic, but not "Variety range".


    Thanks, James!

    According to your reply, did you mean "a various range" is also CORRECT?
    or [a wide range of ~] is the common combination usage, so other usages sound odd?


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    "a various range" is correct. So is "a wide range of." In my experience, "a various range" would sound more formal whereas "a wide range" would suffice conversationally.

    Edit - And, to clarify, "a variety range of" is incorrect.


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    I agree that "a various range" is possible, but it is a less common use of various. A "various range of social infrastructure investment projects", would be an assortment of investment projects that were distinctly different from one another.


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    What is a "various range" again?
    Goodness me, people say that - according to Google :)
    I don't believe I've ever come across it.
    There are no examples in the British National Corpus or the Corpus of Contemporary American English.

    Does it mean the same as a "varied range"?
    That's not very common either.

    I would have thought that "a range of " carried the sense of variety already.


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    Hi guys, this is really useful, what do you think about this: "a wide-ranging variety of", is this correct? or it's just a mixture of idiomatic expressions? Thank you =)


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    Well, variety and range are nearly synonymous in this context, so it sounds redundant to me. I mean, is it possible to have a narrow-ranging variety? I suppose so, but then we probably wouldn't be touting the variety. :)
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