a wide range of possibilities to


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I'm a teacher and my students had to write an essay on travelling. One girl begins a new paragraph this way:

...there exists a wide range of possibilities to fulfill one's dream of travelling. One would be to combine a journey and a job. Especially young people choose this option...

I'd use opportunities. Or would you leave possibilities?
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    I'd not change it, but I'd suggest that she has a look in the dictionary and considers for herself if she has chosen the right word. Possibilities is not wrong and may be what she meant. On the other hand, she might have meant opportunities. Only she can know.


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    Well, Oxford Dictionaries Online lists as one of the definitions of "possibilities": A thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives.

    So I would say that it does in fact fit there in your student's essay and I'd leave it as it is.
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