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I found the following sentences from wikepedia and my question is the underlined verb. I think the main subject is range , so the verb should be is instead of are. What do you think?

Flying discs are thrown and caught for free-form recreation and as part of many different flying disc games. A wide range of flying disc variants are (is??) available commercially
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    Yes, technically, it should be is. But it would be not unusual to hear are​, because sometimes people think of 'a wide range of' as a kind of complex modifier (like 'a number of').


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    Natkretep is right: technically, the subject is "range" and the verb "is" would apply. But it's generally agreed that in group nouns (including the word "group"), good writing generally requires use of the verb that sounds right. Most native speakers would find "variants is" jarring; are is the better choice.

    You found the sentences at or on Wikipedia, by the way, not "from". Or you copied them from Wikipedia.
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