a wild-beast show

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Anya Smitty

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On turning a corner out of a narrow coppice-bordered lane into a wider road that sloped steadily upward in a long stretch of hill Elaine saw, coming toward her at no great distance, a string of yellow-painted vans, drawn for the most part by skewbald or speckled horses. A certain rakish air about these oncomingroad-craft proclaimed them as belonging to a travelling wild-beast show, decked out in the rich primitive colouring that one’s taste in childhood would have insisted on before it had been schooled in the artistic value of dulness. It was an unlooked-for and distinctly unwelcome encounter.

What does "a wild-beast show" refer to?

Source: The Unbearable Bassington by Saki.
  • perpend

    American English
    I guess it would mean wild animals that were being transported to a circus, or some sort of show.
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