A will fly to Canada and "pick up" B


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Is there any word or phrase that means A will fly to Canada, and go home with B together? Thanks a lot.
  • JamesM

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    Are they flying back together? In a formal tone you could say "A will fly to Canada and escort B home." In an informal context, I would probably say "A is flying to Canada to meet B and they'll be flying back together", assuming A is starting from home on the flight out.


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    The word I'd use would depend on the relationship between A and B.

    If B is A's child, "pick up" is fine.

    If B is A's prisoner, "escort" is the right word.

    If B is A's boy or girl friend, I might use "bring back home" (to meet the parents?)

    In general, "accompany" can work, or a sentence such as that suggested by JamesM just above.
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