a will of deceased


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This is my composition.

The family executed a will of deceased.

I am just wondering if it is better when

The family executed a will of the deceased.
The family executed the will of the deceased.

I am now confused.

Please help me.

  • Hermione Golightly

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    The last seems better to me too. There can be only one will so we say 'the will'. The problem is that I can't understand exactly what you mean. To 'execute a will' is a legal term describing a process.
    We have no context.


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    HI owlman5

    That is right. I try to make tons of vocabulary cards, some of them is directly from web ( which I need to show you the URL.....) , and some of them are my own composition by myself.
    These my personal vocabulary cards are for me to remember lots of English words........
    And sometimes sentences are weird but it is for me to easily remember the word.

    So, as long as my own-making composition is grammatically correct. I am fine.

    Anyway, thank you.

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