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Dear all

I know that the following is wrong:

- All rooms have a internet access.

It should say "have internet access. But why? I know that there is a rule that you never use an article when talking about things in general but this does not really apply here. Because if it was the case "This rooms has a internet access" would be correct but isn't. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

  • Myridon

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    Internet access is an uncountable thing therefore it cannot have an article. If there was a place to plug your computer in, you could say:
    All rooms have an internet access point. (Notice that you need "an" before "internet" not "a".)
    Compare this to:
    All rooms have electricity.
    All rooms have an electric outlet.


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    Thank you very much!!! I knew that there was a rule:) I have heard it a long time ago. Thanks also for the "an"-correction!
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