a woman who has been cheated on

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Maryhadalittlelamb, Feb 11, 2019 at 4:21 AM.

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  1. Maryhadalittlelamb New Member

    What do you call the person that has been cheated on? Specifically, the woman whose husband cheated on her. And the man version if it is different.
    I can't find an answer any where!
    (I do not want the names of any other people involved in the love triangle. )
  2. Englishmypassion

    Englishmypassion Senior Member

    India - Hindi
    Cuckold for a man but it's dated.
  3. Uncle Jack

    Uncle Jack Senior Member

    Cumbria, UK
    British English
    Amazingly, there does not appear to be a word for a woman who has been cheated on. Well, there is "cuckquean", (OED has citations from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries), but it has never been popular and now appears to be used (inasmuch as it is used) for a type of voyeurism.

    The male term "cuckold" was generally used as a term of derision, whereas modern usage might want a term to suggest pity or sympathy, which might be why, as Englishmypassion says, it is now now dated.
  4. Maryhadalittlelamb New Member

    It's amazing that there just doesn't seem to be a word to describe that woman! If anyone has anything else to add, please do. Thank you.
  5. Packard

    Packard Senior Member

    USA, English

    From Google Definitions.

    Dictionary result for adulteress
    1. a woman who commits adultery.
  6. Maryhadalittlelamb New Member

    NO. The woman whose husband committed adultery against her.
  7. velisarius

    velisarius Senior Member

    British English (Sussex)
    I'm not surprised. There isn't any specific word, but we seem to get along in English okay without one. If you give us a sentence with detailed context, we might be able to suggest what an English-speaker would use.
  8. Packard

    Packard Senior Member

    USA, English
    Ah, the bedswerver's wife! No one word comes to mind, though.
  9. Hildy1 Senior Member

    English - US and Canada
    the wronged wife ?
    But that too is rather old-fashioned.
  10. Maryhadalittlelamb New Member

    Well, I am that woman. And I am thinking of a band name. Something along the lines of Mary and the Home-wreckers ... but that's kind of the opposite of what I'm looking for. Could a person or people be considered to be "home-wrecked"?
  11. Packard

    Packard Senior Member

    USA, English
    Mary and the Disenfranchised, though "Mary and the angry ones" sounds more direct.

    But does a band really want to make a single event, that is of supreme importance now but of less importance later in life, so elevated as to be the name of their band?

    Or Mary and the Dark Sheep.:)
  12. Edinburgher Senior Member

    German/English bilingual
    Why not simply "victim"?
  13. Packard

    Packard Senior Member

    USA, English
    Or in some cases, "beneficiary". It all depends upon how the "victim" feels about the cheating. There is an entire class of deviants that like to watch their husbands cheat on them.

    And then there are those who can't wait for him to cheat so they can get a good divorce settlement. So I don't know if "victim" will work universally.
  14. Englishmypassion

    Englishmypassion Senior Member

    India - Hindi
    For such a man "wittol" is another dated word but nothing except "cuckqueen" comes to mind for the female equivalent. The word "cuckold" has been derived from "cuckoo" (a cuckoo fools crows into incubating her eggs and raising her chicks by laying eggs in crows' nest). So the implication is that if a man has been cuckolded, he's raising another man's child(ren) unknowingly. That wouldn't happen to a woman, since she will know whose the child is (usually), so no need was felt for the feminine equivalent.
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  15. Packard

    Packard Senior Member

    USA, English
    The sign of horns is a hand gesture used to indicate that someone has been cheated on:


    This from Wiki:

    Offensive gesture[edit]
    In many Mediterranean and Latin countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Uruguay,[5][6][7][8] when directed towards someone and swiveled back and forth, the sign implies cuckoldry; the common words for cuckolded in Italian, Greek and Spanish are cornuto, κερατάς (keratas) and cornudo, respectively, literally meaning "horned".[9] During a European Union meeting in February 2002, then-current Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was photographed performing this gesture behind the back of the Spanish foreign minister.[10]

    Sign of the horns - Wikipedia

    So I would suggest the cornuto/cornudo or cornuta??/cornuda?? for women.

    Though "Mary and the Cornudas" might be a name understood by very few.
  16. Barque Senior Member

    That wouldn't happen to a woman because she would know it's still her child, even if she isn't sure who the father is.:)
  17. DonnyB

    DonnyB Sixties Mod

    Coventry, UK
    English UK Southern Standard English
    I'm afraid that unfortunately this thread has turned into a list of possibilities with no clear-cut answer, and as such it's outside the scope of our forum.

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, which I hope Maryhadalittlelamb has found useful. DonnyB - moderator.
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