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I need help on a phrase; I can not get the right word
after a ship accident, the surviver or the stuff run to ashore
but I don't mean strand or stroke but more like drag and hit to the place.
how can I say that?
  • Hmmm, usually we would say "the things washed up on shore", or "the boat ran ashore", or "the wreckage and surviving passengers (or survivors) floated to shore". But do you need something more forceful?

    Perhaps "The ship's wreckage slammed/smashed/crashed into the (rocky?)shoreline"? It would seem strange to use "slammed or smashed" if you are talking about a normal, sandy beach. But it would seem okay if you are talking about some sort of dangerous, rocky, or steep place along the shoreline...

    If you can give me more context, I could help a little more. :)


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    It is not forcefull just trying to say after the things float to the shore what is the action of hitting, getting to the shore with the help of the stream for example?

    Terry Morti

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    A ship accident is a shipwreck.

    A couple more suggestions:

    Violent storms drove the ship ashore.
    The ship was beached by the storm.

    [EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see the bit about gently floating to shore before writing the above).
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