A word that means 'feeling of betrayal'.


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Hello guys, this is my first question on WordReference, and though I've read the rules, please forgive if I messed up the format or anything.
My question is simple; I just wanted to know if anyone knows a word that literally means "feeling of betrayal" as in "the feeling of being betrayed". Basically I want a word similar enough in shade to be the noun form of "betray" (v), but which denotes an emotion.
I actually wanted to use it in a specific context [I could see the hurt and ___ in her eyes.], but even if you have a very emotive word which doesn't exactly fit in this sentence, that's cool.
Thank you very much.
  • Miss Julie

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    Why don't you like "betrayal"? "I could see the hurt and betrayal in her eyes" perfectly describes what you want, in my opinion.

    Forum rules prohibit us from providing lists of words, so I would suggest using a thesaurus if you don't like "betrayal," but I think it's the perfect word for your example sentence.

    And welcome to the forum. :)


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    Well I know it's used like that, but "betrayal" indicates "act/action", so I felt it would be weird.
    But thank you very much :)
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