Aargh in the month

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Ansia Kammerlander, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Ansia Kammerlander Senior Member

    Ciao, eccomi alle prese con un'altra espressione oscura!

    Siamo al ristorante, e Steve contempla a bocca aperta un pezzo di aragosta. L'amico gli chiede: "Are you wandering if there's an aargh in the month? You look like those faces at the fairground where you have to try and toss a ball into the mouth."

    L'espressione in neretto mi risulta totalmente incomprensibile... :(
  2. beccamutt

    beccamutt Senior Member

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    Did you read this or hear it? I notice a couple typos (wondering instead of wandering, and I'm assuming mouth instead of month...) Are you sure it's "aargh"? :/
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  3. pescara Senior Member

    This seems to be a play on words. Some people believe that you should only eat oysters in months with an "r" in them (e.g., September, October, etc.) Maybe this applies to lobsters as well.

    The play on words is between the letter "r" and "aargh," which is an expression of frustration or dismay.

    Does that help a little?

  4. db84124 Member

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    In the days before refrigeration, it was considered risky to eat seafood (and pork) when there wasn't an "r" in the month, i.e., May, June, July and August, the hottest months of the year. All the other months of the year contain the letter "r". Could this be the explanation?
  5. Ansia Kammerlander Senior Member

    Yes, it could be, but still I don't understand the "aargh" :-(

    PS= The first typo is my fault. But I found the sentence in a book.
  6. pescara Senior Member

    Since "aargh" is an expression of dismay or frustration, maybe his friend thinks he looks dismayed/frustrated because his mouth is open.

  7. Ansia Kammerlander Senior Member

    In that case it won't be easy to translate...
    :confused: :confused:


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