Abandon all hope ye who enter here

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  1. tvoltagg New Member

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    I'm hoping someone can translate this famous line from Dante's Inferno into Spanish. The original italian is: "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate". Thank you.
  2. mistertopo Senior Member

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    This might help.
  3. lion princess New Member

    Spanish - Colombia
    Abandon all hope ye who enter here

    Al español seria como decir:
    "Abandonad toda esperanza vosotros que habeis entrado aquí"
    Espero haber colaborado!
  4. emlynsee New Member

    English - UK
    I would rather say:

    Abandonad esperanza todos los que entren aqui

  5. maidinbedlam

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    "Oh vosotros, los que entráis, abandonad toda esperanza", es una de las traducciones ya existentes.
  6. Dr. Fumbles Senior Member

    Dejad toda esperanza, vos que entráis. Word for word.
    With vos of course having its original second person plural meaning.
    Of course to modernise it a bit and make it somewhat more natural:
    Dejad toda esperanza, los que entráis.
  7. Dr. Fumbles Senior Member

    Entren doesn't match up with the second person plural.
    los que still matches with abandonad, not only that, but it couldn't be subjunctive in this case because, at least as concerns the story, the announcer is addressing those that are coming in. So in terms of the story, it is demonstrably happening.

    I don't know your level, beginner, advanced and whatnot, but thought I'd point that out for you or anyone else.
  8. Dr. Fumbles Senior Member

    No, en toscano (italiano) e inglés, esta frase no toma lugar en el pasado, toma lugar en el presente.
    ch'intrate se traduce exactamente a que entráis.

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