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Say that you had a task to do - to make some changes to an order.
You are a salesman and you need to change an order that another salesman who works with you created. That order is saved in a software which you work with. You couldn't find the order in the system so you decided not to do that task.
Would you say that you decided to abandon the task?

  • cfu507

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    Thank you.
    I would like to ask the same question about another situation.
    You found the order that you need to change. You open the file, you look for a table which lists the products, but can't find that table in the file you're looking at. So you decided to close the file and not to finish your task.
    Would you still say that you decided to abandon the task?
    Is it common to use "abandon" in this kind of situation? Is there another expression which is more common?

    Thanks again

    George in BA

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    This is colloquial, but in a meeting (not in a written report) I would say that the order was not registered in the computer and I had to give up.
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