abandon vs abandonment

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Not sure if the difference between these two words, abandon and abandonment, is that abandon refers to abandon oneself to something whereas abandonment means to abandon someone else. For example,

- He abandoned his family because he didn't like responsibility. This implies abandonment.

- He abandoned himself to passion. This implies abandon.

Could you guys help me with this one?
Thank you in advance.
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    Yes, something like that. Abandonment is desertion, or leaving something or someone: it's the noun of the verb 'abandon'. The noun 'abandon' is usually in a phrase such as 'with abandon', often 'with gay abandon', meaning in a strong, irregular, or undisciplined manner. (The OED has some modern examples of 'abandon' meaning 'abandonment', but they don't sound natural to me.)


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    If you do something "with abandon", you do something freely or without restraint or hesitation. So "abandon" means something like "freedom" or "spontaneity". It generally has a positive meaning.

    "Abandonment" means "the act or result of abandoning something". It generally has a negative meaning.

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