abandoned signage growing moss

Alex Coseff

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I´m familiar with the word "signage", I need a little help, though. In the text below, could the author refer to the "pub" signage (possibly featuring the name of the pub)? Given the context, it´s the only thing which I can think of... Many thanks.

Background info: The writer describes a secluded and isolated place off the main road in the middle of Wales countryside. There is a building - an old house, dilapidated, which used to be a pub. The place looks obviously untidy and neglected.

Victoria Jenkins: The girls in the water
A stretch of land surrounded the building, now thick with bracken but still showing evidence of its former life: a broken picnic table upturned and partially burned, abandoned signage growing moss and left to decompose on the shadow of a path; broken glass still littering the ground like some haunting reminder of a party that was long since over.
  • MilkyBarKid

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    I think it refers to the those signs that pubs display near the road, such as "Lunch served daily 12 - 2", and a small billboard with the name of the pub and info such as 'Accommodation Available"
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