abbreviation/acronym: NAMUR (meaning?)


This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic applications. It monitors an overspeed or underspeed condition of a discrete signal (NAMUR sensor/mechanical contact) from a hazardous area by comparing the input frequency to the user programmed reference frequency.

From the online dictionary:
1. a province in S Belgium. 390,442; 1413 sq. mi. (3660 sq. km).
2. a city in and capital of this province, on the Sambre and Meuse rivers. 31,302.
But both of the definition in front cannot interpret the meaning of “NAMUR” here?
Would you like to help me to learn “NAMUR”?



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    According to this site,
    NAMUR is an international user association of automation technology in process industries.

    NAMUR is engaged in the following key activities:
    - pooling experiences among its member companies,
    - compiling aids and check lists for member companies,
    - setting user requirements on new devices, systems and technologies,
    - participating in national and international standardization bodies.
    And this site gives a definition of a NAMUR sensor
    NAMUR Sensor A non-amplified sensor that supplies two different signal levels depending upon switch state. Consists essentially of an oscillator and is used to obtain low level signals which are able to drive a separate amplifier. Required in installation where special safety measures are necessary (locations with fire or explosion hazard).
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