Abbreviation/Acronym: SORN (meaning?)

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    It's not slang: it stands for Statutory Off Road Notification.

    In the UK, if you aren't using your car and don't want to tax it, you have to notify the relevant authority, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

    More here if you're curious:)


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    No, it is NOT slang. It is a UK official abbreviation for "Statutory Off Road Notification".

    Anyone who owns a car must renew their road tax disc when the current one expires each year UNLESS the vehicle is destroyed OR taken off the public road.

    SORN means an official declaration by the car owner that the vehicle is no longer being used on public roads (eg for long term repair/renovation, or because the owner is going overseas for several months).

    This means they do not have to pay the road tax and so that central records are kept up to date for the police to check.
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