abbreviation for the days (monday, tuesday,..)

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  1. ciganka Senior Member

    here and there
    hi all!

    how are the abbreviations for the week days??

    Tuesday: T

    thank you very much:)
  2. CatStar Senior Member

    English, Ireland
    Hey there,

    If I was abbreviating the days of the week I usually would use more than just one letter. ie
    Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

    But if you have to use just one letter then M T W T F S S will do I think because any confusion will be avoided due to the sequence of days.

    Hope that helps,
  3. ciganka Senior Member

    here and there

    thank you again:)
  4. Iararo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    I've found the following. Any US native can confirm them?

    Sn = Sunday; M = Monday; T = Tuesday; W = Wednesday; Th = Thursday; F = Friday; S = Saturday
  5. Thomsen Senior Member

    Washington, D.C.
    English USA
    Yes that looks right.
  6. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    Well, there are a variety of abbreviations to choose from.

    I use TH for Thursday, but I've seen R as well, when there's only room for one letter (ThuRsday). But R is not so common.

    Saturday and Sunday can both be S, or Saturday = Sa and Sunday = Su.

    But I think the most common abbreviations are the longer ones:
  7. Curiosa Member

    USA English
    Right, as jinti stated, R as an abbreviation for Thursday is possible but not so common. Actually, the first time I ever saw it was when I went to sign up for graduate courses, and I was born and raised here in the States! The list of courses used a one-letter system for abbreviating days: M, T, W, R, F. I don´t know how they would have dealt with Saturday or Sunday had there been classes offered on those days .

    Here are the "short" abbreviations I use, followed by the "long" ones:
    S (or Sa)
    Su (I, personally, have never seen Sunday abbreviated as Sn, which is what Iararo has found. That´s not to that Sn is wrong, I´ve just never seen it before today)

    Tue (or Tues)
    Wed (I, personally, don´t use "Weds", which is what jinti uses. Again, it´s not to say that Weds is wrong--I don´t know if it is--but I just don´t use it)
    Thur (or Thurs or Thu, the latter of which I use very infrequently)

    Hope this helps!
  8. Microglomerulus New Member

    The correct abbreviation for the day of the week Thursday is 'R'.
  9. gesc

    gesc Senior Member

    Spanish & AE
    Monday → Mon
    Tuesday → Tue
    Wednesday → Wed
    Thursday → Thu
    Friday → Fri
    Saturday → Sat
    Sunday → Sun
  10. Nevea New Member

    Harbin China
    Thursday" →Thur /Thurs ? Right?
  11. Sunshine on Leith Senior Member

    Spain's Spanish
    I personally think it's neater and more consistent to keep the 3 letter abbreviation for Thu, like all the other days. The same for months: Jan, Feb, Mar...

    If you are creating Excel columns for the days of the week, also means the columns will be the same size (width) without too much playing about.
  12. Wotcher Member

    USA English and Spanish
    I thought I'd add my two cents:

    I'm a college student in Florida and we use this convention for abbreviating the days of the week:

    M = Monday
    T = Tuesday
    W = Wednesday
    R = Thursday
    F = Friday
    S = Saturday
    U = Sunday (That's right, U for Sunday).
  13. Eccoli New Member

    Arlington, VA, USA
    English USA
    74 yo native USA. I have never ever seen Sn or U for Sunday. Any single or double letter abbreviation is not standard. You can use 3 letter abbreviations, as suggested below, but many people will use Tues, Weds, Thurs for those days. Hope this helps someone.
  14. EddieZumac

    EddieZumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    I think these 3-letter abbreviations are the most standard.
  15. Translostlation

    Translostlation Senior Member

    Spanish does not abbreviate days - lun, mar, mié, jue etc. - does it? I've been told no.
  16. Oldy Nuts

    Oldy Nuts Senior Member

    Santiago, Chile
    Spanish - Chile
    In Spanish, abbreviations of any kind are far less frequent than in English. I think very few people around here, if any, would think of abbreviating the names of the days of the week.
  17. SydLexia Senior Member

    London, EU
    UK English
    In airline schedules you will find LMXJVSD (if there's a flight every day :) )

  18. Humilulo New Member

    English - USA
    I'm a native of the USA and am 37 years old.
    I don't ever remember seeing 'R' used as an abbreviation for Thursday. Single letter abbreviations are very uncommon, but the few places i've seen them, have only used Monday thru Friday, thus excluding the weekend days. In those instances, i have seen both 'M T W T F' and 'M T W H F' in use. When all are beside each other, it's okay since there's no ambiguity. But when a single letter is used without a context of other letters, then I only remember having seen 'H' used for Thursday, not 'R'. But i also repeat that i have very rarely seen only single letter abbreviations for days of the week. 3 letter abbreviation are used enuf that i believe almost everyone around me have seen them: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat. Also not that where I'm at (Kansas and Missouri), our weeks start with Sunday and end with Saturday. But on the job, some places change this around. Most i've experienced have used the normal Sunday thru Saturday week, but maybe 10% of places change that. My current job for instance is one of those 10% who used a different work week, in this case, they use Wednesday thru Tuesday, but this is not any more common than another choice, in my experience. I have seen Monday thru Sunday as the 2nd most popular week cycle, but Sunday thru Saturday is by far most common in the Midwest, where i am from. I estimate 90% of the time, our work week is Sunday-Saturday. maybe 5% of the time Monday thru Sunday is used. and maybe the other 5% of the time, any other week cycle is used. But that's only a rough guess from my experience, which may be different from the real statistics.

    For days of the week, to be clear, if you can use 3 letter abbreviations, use that. It's rather common. If you must use one letter abbreviations, there's no real rule and i don't think it's done enuf to be able to claim that there's any sort of standard for that, except to say that the common standard is to use 3 letter abbreviations. ;)
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  19. Caolam New Member

    English - Ireland
    I normally use:
    M/Mon = Monday
    T/Tue = Tuesday
    W/Wed = Wednesday
    Th/Thurs = Thursday
    F/Fri = Friday
    S/Sat = Saturday
    S/Sun = Sunday
  20. CARJR45 Senior Member

    You are correct. If you want to use a single letter for each day of the week, the standardize version is: M, T, W, R, F, S and U.
  21. Oldy Nuts

    Oldy Nuts Senior Member

    Santiago, Chile
    Spanish - Chile
  22. Bevj

    Bevj Allegra Moderata

    Girona, Spain
    English (U.K.)
    You shouldn't generalise too much.
    Perhaps it is standard form in some places but I don't think this is true worldwide.
    I have never seen R for Thursday nor U for Sunday and out of context I would have no idea which day they referred to.
  23. Madrilenyo New Member

    English - US
    R for Thursday was standard at my university in the course selection catalog, where it described the days of the week on which the class met.
    This was in the '80s, in the US.
    I have never seen U for Sunday.

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