Abbreviations for óra, perc and másodperc

Maksim Bura

Belarus, Belarusian & Russian
Hi, everyone! Are there any common abbreviations for the words óra, perc and másodperc in non-scientific writing? As far as I can gather, másodperc can be abbreviated to mp; what about the other two?
  • Maksim Bura

    Belarus, Belarusian & Russian
    I don't think a full stop is needed because after measurements we don't use them.
    See also m (=méter), km (= kilométer), g (=gramm), etc.
    Thank you! I was asking because in English they use hr. for hour, min. for minute and sec. for second, all with a full stop.


    Hungarian - Hungary
    You are welcome.
    No full stop is used after units of measurements in English either but I think they are needed in your examples because they are shortened words. It is true that the Hungarian equivalents are also shortened words...

    However, according to our spelling dictionary, the abbreviations (without a full stop) are the following:
    óra = h (See also in Wikipedia, which gives both ó and h)
    perc = min
    másodperc = s

    This is the 'official' version so maybe a context would be necessary to decide which to use in your case. :oops: