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    I'm trying to translate a bank statement and so far it's been a nightmare. It's packed with abbreviations I can't decipher. Maybe somebody could help me.
    In the column where they enlist the transactions there are abbreviations which stand for the type of transaction:
    ATM- this is an easy one:)
    but I don't know what the following mean:
    BCC ? - it is usually next to a transaction in some kind of a shop
    DDR -?
    and the most misterious:
    instead of a name of some shop there is an abbreviation SFC and next to it the type of transaction BGC

    Does anybody know what they mean ?

    I found that BGC might be BANK GIRO CREDIT but what does it mean? and could it be used here?
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    I think a Bank Giro Credit is when you pay money into an account at one branch of a bank, by going into another branch of the same bank, handing over the money or the cheque, and filling in a little docket which will transfer the funds between the branches to the destination account.

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