Aber der "Käse-Kick" gegen

  • Demiurg

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    It's a double pun in this case. Aside from the association with the cheeseheads, "Käse" also means rubbish/nonsense.

    Käse-Kick: needless match


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    It is a new word and I did not know it, I did not even understand the joke. In my mind it is a kind of offence/insult rather than a joke.

    It seems to be a new fashion to mob and offend the other teams.

    In the given case the context is: the fans did not buy enough tickets for such an inferior "Cheese match" ( against the Netherlands.)
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    Thomas W.

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    Käse-Kick is a word that was made up on the spot by the author as a joke, in which "Käse" has a double meaning: it is a metaphor for the Dutch (who are known for producing cheese, and are sometimes - derisively - called "Käse-Köpfe" in Germany), and it means "nonsense/rubbish" in colloquial German. (By the way, I find "Käse-Kick" quite funny under the circumstances.)
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