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  1. Abraham95 New Member

    couple of days ago I saw a username so I wondered what it meansthe word is "abibso". I did a little research and I found that it's a transliteration of a Hebrew word to English . maybe it's same as Aviv, which means spring.
    anybody knows what it means?
  2. origumi Senior Member

    Usernames are often not words in any language, which is also the case here.
  3. Abraham95 New Member

    I'm not agree. nobody choose a pointless username except if it's a fake one. for example you changed the word "Origami" to "origumi" which has close pronunciation.
    so I thought maybe Abibso with some changes like your username, means something.
    anyway, thanks for your help
  4. origumi Senior Member

    Trying forcefully to find a meaning - In modern Hebrew a-b-i-b (the spring season, also second part of the city name) is pronounced aviv. Similarly the name Abraham and its shortened form Abe - in modern Hebrew they are Avraham and Avi. I cannot think about any Hebrew word or pun for "abibso", but maybe other participants have better imagination.

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