abide by, comply with or follow

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Which one is better or sounds more natural? The third one?

Students are abide by the school rules.
Students should comply with the school rules.
Students need to follow the school rules.

  • apricots

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    Students need to follow the school rules (or school's rules).

    Comply is usually used with specific a request of some kind. It makes sense but is a slightly awkward usage of the word.

    The first sentence is incorrect. To use the word abide you would have to say something like "students (need to/should/are required to/are obliged to/etc) abide by the school rules."


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    Neither of your two correct sentences is better or more natural than the other.
    There is no context, so it is impossible to comment on the difference between them.


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    I agree with e2efour. The first sentence will be correct if you just replace 'are' with 'should'. "Students should abide by the school rules." Then all 3 sentences are correct and natural. One is as good as another.
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