ability to manipulate pictorial models and expectations


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this is from the book by Tom Nichols Art in Venice: From Tradition to Individualism.

Moroni, who spent most of his career in the terraferma town of Bergamo, specialized in making penetratingly realistic portraits. In this work he also demonstrated his ability to manipulate pictorial models and expectations, adapting earlier depictions of leading art collectors to the developing sub-genre of artist portraits.

Manipulate pictorial models probably means to control or manage them. But what expectations have to do with this? Whose expectations the author talks about?
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    "Pictorial" is the adjective derived from "pictures/paintings". I think perhaps these "pictorial models" are the kind of paintings that were being painted at that time and in that place. So he was, in common parlance, "playing around" with them, adapting them to his own needs and vision.
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