ability to more accurately 'tender' for business



I'm translating an internal document.
They are bullet points so I assume that the phrase here is with some grammatical omission.
The phrase is in "Rationale & Benefits" of the improvement target.

"Ability to more accurately tender for business and manage margins".
Can I read this phrase as
"We will be able to offer a business more accurately, and manage margins".

I can't contact with the author I would be happy if I can get a hint of advice;)
  • owlman5

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    "Tender for business" makes no sense to me, Aiko916. Maybe another member will have some idea about what that odd phrase is supposed to mean.


    Thank you owlman5! As you mentioned, I asked my friend from US about the meaning but he said that doesn't make sense...
    I thought whether there is a specific meaning to UK people.
    Thank you owlman5 and have a great day ahead!:)

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    British English
    Tendering for business means making offers on contracts for work, eg. I'll clean your boots every month, for ten Pounds a month.

    I just tendered for the job of cleaning your boots. (I've not done it to any great level of accuracy though.)
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