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Dear friends, which of these words is "stir" closer to in its meaning:

1. move
2. wake up, revive

The context is as follows: "Sometimes, without any apparent cause, I sank, little by little, into a condition of semi-syncope, or half swoon; and, in this condition, without pain, without ability to stir, or, strictly speaking, to think, but with a dull lethargic consciousness of life and of the presence of those who surrounded my bed, I remained, until the crisis of the disease restored me, suddenly, to perfect sensation." http://poestories.com/read/premature
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    I would say move, primarily, but it could be all of the ideas you put forward.

    "Wake up" seems less suitable in the sense that he is not fully asleep, but he is semi-conscious so coming around from that could be classed as reviving or waking up.

    edit to add - ah, cross posted and we don't agree, which is unusual for glasguensis and I!
    Obviously not an obvious choice then!
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