able + bare infinitive complementation


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Practice rebellion to detach yourself from the approval of the world, and in time, you’ll be able live more freely.
Maybe one day I’ll be able wash all of my socks, but even if not, I’m going to continue washing my clothes. [link]

(How to Be an Imperfectionist; S. Guise)

This, of course, may be a mistake or typo (or me simply being a perfectionist), but it happens with the same verb twice in the course of one book (granted, all the other instances of this verb do follow a common pattern of 'able to...').

Could it be a new trend though where able joins help in its optionality of being followed by a to-infinitive?

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    I agree with TT and boozer. Perhaps the writer was giving some illustrations of the book's title?


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    Perhaps the writer originally wrote "can" and then changed it to "be able" (to fit the change of tense), neglecting to add the particle.
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