'able knot'

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  • Barque

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    Could you give us the sentence you saw this term in please, along with the context?
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    Max Janes

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    I think it's a business name of a small bookstore and digital content services that I saw while walking around the city.


    The term has no meaning as far as I know. As JulianStuart says, if you're still there, you can ask at the shop what it means.
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    Can someone please help me? What means 'able knot'?
    It seems to have a purely local significance, and if you got the impression that it's the name of a business, than it probably is. If it's a name I'd expect to see capitals though: Able Knot.

    Just so you don't come away from this thread with nothing useful:), note that the correct way to ask your question is this: "What does 'able not' mean?"
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