able to get 'Central'

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Dear all,
this from the sketch 'As the Spirit Moves' (chapter 'AUNT BERTHA’S SNAPPY WORK') by Dorothy Parker. In the narrator's little circle they used to get connected with the spirit of Disraeli, Napoleon, Cleopatra and Julius Cæsar and all the other stock characters. Aunt Bertha is a "taletned" medium.

There seems to be nobody whom Aunt Bertha cannot make answer her on the ouija board. There is even a pretty strong chance that she may be able to get Central, after she has had a little more practice.

I guess Central could have been the God Almighty.
Is this correct? If not, who could it be?

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    Central would be whoever in the great beyond is in charge of directing "phone calls" (psychic requests) for a conversation.


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    I believe this is a joke - l think "Central" at this time would have referred to a telephone exchange or directory service. But I think Parker meant the actual telephone company, and not some spirit equivalent.
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