abolitionist women's rights activist

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Gabriel Malheiros

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Hello, everyone

On the Yale's website I found this about Otelia Cromwell (a biography writer) -- > "(Otellia Cromwell)...authored important works, including one of the first anthologies of African American authors, and a biography of abolitionist women's rights activist Lucretia Mott.

Note: Lucretia Mott was an abolitionist and a women's rights activist.

Then why the editor put "abolitionist" right before "women"? When I read that, I get the sense Lucretia Mott was an activist of abolitionist women's right(activist of rights of the abolitionist women). am I too wrong? I mean, isn't "abolitionist" qualifying "women" in that sentence?

Thank you
  • OaksnRoses

    English - United States
    She could have worded that better. "...abolitionist and women's rights activist..."

    I think she intended to use "abolitionist" as an adjective, qualifying "activist".
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