abonnement libre

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    Hi - I am struggling to translate this phrase properly. I wonder if there are any set equivalents in English? The best I have come up with so far is an 'open season ticket'.

    Thanks to anyone and everyone for suggestions.kind regards Richard

    It is a season ticket for cultural events across a wide range of types: sports events, music festivals, pop concerts, theatre, and others....

    'Il vous suffira de créer une seule formule d'abonnement libre puis de configurer les tarifs'
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    Coincidentally, I had a similar problem yesterday and I translated it as a "season ticket scheme" which was followed by the explanation:

    "This is a book of 5 seat tickets that allows you to see shows in all of these venues at a reduced rate (€40 per book i.e. €8 per seat)."

    If yours doesn't go on to explain, "open season ticket" sounds fine to me!
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    Brilliant! Thank you very much indeed for this explanation and helps a lot. Good luck with your translation. Kind regards Richard

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