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How would you say 'aborder une conversation' in english?

' le dimanche suivant, j'abordai la discussion dans le bus avant que nous arrivions au cinéma'

On the next Sunday, I tackled the conversation in the bus before we arrived to the cinema

Thanks for your help :)
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    I like parliamentary zooming's translation. And it should be "arrived at the cinema" (not "to"). So in full, how about:

    The following Sunday, I broached the topic on the bus on our way to the cinema.

    You could also say "I raised the matter", or less formally "I brought the subject up". And for "avant que nous arrivions", I would say either "before we reached the cinema", "before we got to the cinema", or "on our way to the cinema" (or "on the way to the cinema"). The first two would be to emphasise that you raised the matter before getting to the cinema (and not after); the third shifts the emphasis slightly to describe the bus journey as being towards the cinema, and you raised the matter during that journey.
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