Aborder une série de projets

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  1. pariselle Senior Member

    Bonjour :) Pourriez-vous m'aider avec cette phrase:

    Artaud a ensuite abordé une série de projets de théâtre,
    Artaud has then took up a set of theater projects OR'
    ..........has then took on .........

    WR proposes the 2 choices and I cannot distinguish -
    I think it is took on -
    (I looked at other forum answers - like " tackled" (for a abordé) but it does not seem to fit?
    it seem to imply a struggle - not appropriate here, I think)

    Merci !
  2. clairet

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    "took on" is good, but I think "tackled" is better (it can be fairly neutral, not necessarily implying anything more than that there were things to be done which were within the capabilities of the protagonist, though it can be used for greater challenges too) since it gives a greater sense of personal involvement.
  3. pariselle Senior Member

    Great, then! - I will use " tackled" - Thank you, Clairet, for the clarification :)
  4. frenchifried Senior Member

    English - UK/US
    Yes, but don't use 'has'

    Artaud then tackled (took on) a series of projects for the theater.
  5. pariselle Senior Member

    Yes, I know - But thank you! - it is Past participle - passé composé = tackled
    Good catching because I had " has" in my sentence!
    Such appreciation for exactitude - Thank you!

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