abort a baby by an accident


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Hi there,

Suppose there is a sad story, a woman is expecting a baby and and there's a tragic accident and she aborts her baby?
Aborting and abortion sound as if they were done on purpose, don't they?

Do you think aborting fit into my sentence?

Thank you!
  • gasman

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    "Some people talk of a "spontaneous abortion", but in my view you are right, that "abortion" implies a deliberate act."

    An abortion, by definition, is the deliberate, or spontaneous, removal of a foetus from the uterus before term. The word does not, by itself, mean or imply a deliberate act. The fact that many believe it does, does not make such a usage accurate.


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    Former nurse popping in again.

    In everyday speech "abortion" is a deliberate intervention, but not in medical terms. The definitions of related terms in the medical world can be found here.

    To relate to the specific question in this thread, I suggest "Tragically, she lost her baby."
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