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  1. thebride77 Member

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    "Sobre" "Acerca" "de" "a"

    Me cuesta trabajo entender cuando se las usa en frases.

    This book is about a dog.

    I read a news article about the war.

    It's about time that you did it right!

    Quiero usar "sobre" todo el tiempo!
  2. bedroomeyes Senior Member

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    Este libro se trata de un perro.
    Leí un artículo sobre la guerra.
    Ya era hora que hicieras algo bien.

    *Although my native language is English, I sometimes goof up prepositions in both languages (of course especially in Spanish). One perfect example of me messing up in English though is when I say I have a dream about someone, I'm always tempted to say it like one would in Spanish, "me soñe contigo."
  3. Tanotelo Senior Member

    Lima, Perú
    es "sobre", "acerca de" y "de"

    Bedroomeyes, el verbo es, en este caso, 'tratar de'

    This book is about a dog =este libro trata de un perro.

    a menos que digas

    "en este libro se trata de un perro..."
  4. thebride77 Member

    English, Spanish
    I do not understand the difference in "This book is about a dog" and "I read a news article about the war."

  5. manicha Senior Member

    Spanish/Galician - Spain
    You can actually use "sobre" to explain the subject of a book and of a news article. I can say:
    "Estoy leyendo un libro sobre la revolución francesa" and
    "Estoy leyendo un artículo sobre la revolución francesa".
    But I wouldn't say "Este libro es sobre un perro".
    I cannot explain it, it just doesn't sound right to me. I think it is the combination between "libro" and "es". When we took about a book, we say "tratar", no "ser".
  6. bedroomeyes Senior Member

    English - American
    Gracias por la aclaración. :)

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