About absolute participial construction and absolute infinitive

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I know absolute participial construction and absolute infinitive.(I abbreviate the two words to APC and AI next time.)
English study books say that APC and AI are like idiom, so just memorizing some APC and AI.
so my question is whether I can create a new APC and AI or not.
But any study books didn't asnwer that question. so let me ask you.

for example,
you have these APCs
Generally speaking, Strictly speaking, Judging from what you say.
and you have these AIs.
To be honest, To be frank, To be sure.

so can I create a new ones?
for example,
Jokingly speaking, Mockingly speaking, Judging without basis, Grammatically speaking
To be strict, To tell the actuality, To be serious

Thank you.
  • uchida

    Japanese - Japan
    You certainly can but it is stylistically and idiomatically challenging! The possibilities are endless.
    I got it.
    English study books in Japan say like "just memorize these like 'to be honest, strictly speaking'. you can't create ones because it's idioms."
    I got that it's not impossible. that was important for me.
    Thank you so much!
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