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    Below are two age requirements for a qualification (in 2014). For example, if an applicant , say Tim, was born in 1994, is Tim qualified? Is Tim within the age limitation? Thank you. This is a easy maths question, but I am not sure, becasue even in different areas of China, the opinions are different. In some areas, when the child was born, he was already one year old.(For unknown reasons I couldn't make the letters in bold, so I am emphasizing the part with "")1. The applicant must be at least 17 and "not more than 20 years old." I think Tim is not qualified. 2. The applicant are at least 17 but "not yet 21 years of age" (or "but haven't turned 21"). I think Tim is qualified.
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    An applicant born in 1994 will now be 19 or 20 years old. If his birthday was anywhere between 1 Jan to 17 Nov (i.e. yesterday), he will now be 20 years old. If his birthday is today, he will be turning 20 now. If he was born between 19 Nov and 31 Dec, the applicant is still 19 years old. The moment you turn 19, you begin to live through the 20th year of your life.
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    It's hard to read the question since it's all jammed together in one paragraph, buy you seem to be asking about age in general.

    In English-speaking countries, a person's age in years is counted upon the anniversary of his or her birth, i.e. the number of full years on the planet.

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